Managing big facilities and taking full control of the secure zones is a difficult task. An effective way of managing the security, protecting the staff, valuables and assets is necessary for all organizations. It may be a hospital, a financial institute or an educational institute, but everyone wants to take full control of their buildings. Many systems have been tried and tested since the industrial revolution. However, with the advancement in technology and computer based systems, key-drop control has emerged as a fool-proof, effective and affordable key-drop  management solution.


Necessity of Key Management Systems

In any organization or a company, there are many rooms, zones and departments that require limited access. This is because of the sensitive and confidential information and other valuables stored in these rooms. Any individual walking in without any restriction to these rooms could pose a severe threat to the company. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these zones and departments with efficient key-drop  control systems.


How key-drop  Control Systems Work?


A basic system would include standard locks on restricted access doors. The keys are then attached to unique RFID key tabs and are used to provide access to authorized personnel only. The key-drop themselves can be stored in a restricted access locker, which requires a code to access a specific key. The system also logs every key transaction, tracking who had what key, and when it was returned. The RFID key tags also transmit to the system each use, and can transmit a warning if the key accidentally leaves the facility. There are many more products and features that include electronic lockers, key location systems, and key exit systems as well as security perimeter tracking.


Electronic asset lockers

Assets and other valuables are locked in electronic lockers that are strong; metal coated and come with access-controlled compartments. Many businesses and corporations install these machines for protecting their assets and enhance their security systems. The features of these lockers make them a popular choice to many entrepreneurs. A control terminal with multiple authentication options, RFID data transfer and LED identification makes it a fool-proof security option.


Key location system


This system enables setting up of multiple security zones that make tracking and locating missing keys possible. If somebody tries to take a key out of the premises or out of the authorized area, a real-time alert system sends messages to a smart phone or a computer. In addition, automatic detection and data transfer of key tags makes it an efficient key management alternative.