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We know how hard it is to find a watch that suits your style and your way of life. That is why we are official Luxury Watches Manufacturer of the solar watches, because its designs and innovative technology are suitable for any lover of quality watchmaking. In addition, by choosing this solar watches, you will choose to care for the environment since with eco drive solar technology, you only need light for its operation.

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You will not waste time taking it to the watchmaker to change the watch battery, because it does not need them! Do not miss the opportunity to have a beautiful and quality watch.

Discover the men's and women's collections of the solar watches, some models specially designed to be immersed in water since they are all resistant, get your solar watch at an unbeatable price thanks to Watches Factory offers.

What is a solar watch and how does it work? Solar is the inventor of Eco-Drive technology, eco drive watches are those that do not need a battery and use energy from different types of light, whether solar or artificial, for their operation.

Thanks to this technology, the Eco Drive models do not need to change the battery and never have to be opened, this guarantees the perfect sealing of the case and the glass and makes it waterproof throughout its useful life. This feature makes solar watches the favorites of scuba divers and scuba divers.

In addition, they have an energy saving function, as soon as they spend some time in the dark, the arrows stop although the clocks powered by light continue to work in the dark as well. The moment they see a light source again, they set the time automatically. The energy saving function allows you to have an autonomy of up to 2 years without seeing the light. Tungsten Watch Manufacturers has over 25 years experience in manufacturing all kinds of luxury watches. Custom Watch Company is the Key point for good business relations.